Great Past, Good Present but No Future


Goa has been liberated for more than 50years now. But look around is this the same beautiful Goa which was there during that time. Concrete jungles everywhere, reclaimed land, destruction of hillocks, cutting of trees, all these and more are destroying our beautiful land. The destruction caused by the recent rains is the proof for the same.

Freedom is valuable but valuing our environment is more important. Independence has no meaning when we go about destroying our country and its abundant natural resources. Contributing in a small way for the betterment of our nation will make the years of struggle for the freedom worthwhile. It would be an honour to the freedom fighters who fought for our independence if we take care of our country and its resources. They passed down a country rich in everything but we wouldn’t be doing the same for our next generations if we do not conserve it.

So let us value our nation before its too late. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.


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