Goa welcomes more visitors every year, than any other city in the country. This tiny state remains to be one of the most discussed holiday destination of almost every family. Goa, has so much to offer for everyone, whether it is a solo-traveller for business or leisure trip, a couple for a honeymoon in Goa, or a group of family, each category has their own to-do-list on a Goa Holiday Trip.

So, what sets Goa as one of the most preferred holiday destination, here is what we found.

Craze about the sea / beaches : Yes, Goa remains to be one of the favorite beach destination amongst the domestic and the international clientele, of course, the availability of plenty of sun on the beach makes it more preferred for the foreign guests and remains in their ‘definitely doing’ list, and then showing off to friends about the tanned skin tone.

The domestic on the other hand, are super charged when they know that they can just dip themselves in the shallow waters of Goa. Goa has one of the longest beach belts, and with white sands in the South, the tourists get an feeling about enjoying one of their dream places to enjoy, and have fun.

Warmth of courteous multi – culture : Yes, being tiny does not stop Goa for being the most vibrant state of India, infact it is one of the places in India where every religion is celebrated with the same zest and fiesta. This is probably because Goans are more of a friendly nature and come together very well to make celebrations a part of their lifestyle. In a given year, almost every month has its own significance that calls for a celebration. The fervor mixed with local music and dance compilations is surely a treat for the tourists and thus makes is another good reason for them to visit Goa. Of course, it is the after parties that make the tourists actually participate in the event celebrated and thus the culture of night clubs playing theme based music are preferred by the travellers coming in to Goa.

Taste of Goan spices : Who has not heard of ‘Fried Calamari’ and ‘Chicken Cafreal’? Goan
cuisine, is one of the world’s favourite, and has made up its way in the restaurants in almost in every prime city in the world. The preparation of the Goan dishes is easy, sound delicious and tastes like heaven. Adding to that is the seafood and the fresh fish that’s offered along the sea-side shacks in Goa. Some tourists actually prepare an additional ‘must-do’ list adding ‘Bando Racheado’ and ‘Prawns curry’ to it. Many hotels in Goa which serve Goan authentic food, make sure they also offer international and national cuisine to those who may not wish to miss out on their home food, especially those staying for longer duration inGoa. It would not be fair if we do not mention about how Portuguese essence is still living in the culinary art of Goa, and thus you see many food dishes in Goa are named in the Portuguese language. The Portuguese rule on Goa for 450 years has had a very high impact in the authentic kitchens of Goa.

Goa, being a village: Most feel that Goa is one of the most advanced states of India, and to
an extent it is a truth, if you look at the lifestyle of Goans, the advanced versions of theme
based hotels in Goa, and the behaviour of people. But most of this is an influence of what
they have learned from the foreign counterparts and very little of it has to be related to the
original Goan way of living. Having said that, most of Goa still remains in the rural parts and the lifestyle & culture is quite old-fashioned. Many operators in Goa promote hinterland
tourism, village and nature walks, and backwater trips. This is quite an exciting experience
for those who stay out in the concrete jungles and making such trips actually rejuvenate
their chaotic daily life.

Freedom of being you : Goa is actually made up of the North and the South, and you can
actually complete border-to-border in a day. Yes, it’s that small. Goa has hardly any
restrictions on travelling, and its actually free from traffic jams, chaotic traffic points and
restricted zones .

So if you are a traveller, and want to experience moving around Goa, on a
bike, feel free to just hire it and go, of course you need to follow the basic rules and respect fellow tourists and the Goans, and you are good to go. Lot of tourists visit Goa for gaming pleasure, and over the years Casino (both land and floating ships) have become a good reason for the local tourists from driving distances to Goa to visit here. Easy Party hours and alcohol availability at reasonable pricing is another reason why tourists visit Goa, especially on long weekends and holidays.

Of course, there are many other reasons why tourists visit Goa and it may take an entire
book if we actually list down all the reasons. The above points were top most factors about
why a tourist wanted Goa to be considered as their holiday destination. For reservations of
accommodation options in Goa, there are authentic Travel Companies who specialise in
offering customised Holiday Packages in Goa, and Local Travel Experts in Goa offer you
best deals on holidays, based on your preferences and budget plan. These could be
considered when you are planning your holiday the next time to Goa.

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