From being a trained Engineering professional to a mentor for woman entrepreneurs Siya Shaikh has come a long way. Having worked for different multinationals in Goa and Pune, Siya was not really satisfied with her achievements and was always looking for that something more that she could contribute to the society as a payback time. Her love for traveling into the interiors of Goa, once brought her to a village where there were many talented ladies involved in various home based business occupations.

She found that they were very talented in what they did but struggled when it came to promoting and selling the products. Everything from home made jams, pickles, artifacts, bakery items, papads, jewellery items, etc…name the products and they were there….but these ladies were  struggling with their businesses. 

This remained in Siya’s mind and she happened to mention it to a friend in course of time.

Siya wanted to have a group where ladies could find promotion of their respective businesses. Siya was convinced  that the social media would be the right platform for creating a social network of people where help could be asked for and seeked from their own community of women all for zero cost, Thus after some plannings , meeting and discussions was born on 14th June 2017, a group named GO WOMANIA, with just a few core team members with a mission “BUILD TOGETHER GROW TOGETHER”.

The group started with the concept of having various activities on different days if the week so that the objective of each day of the week becomes clear Bazaar Day…Sale of products

Feedback Day….Feed back of members on various products Attitude of gratitude day…One woman showing gratitude to another woman who has been of help to her.

Wipe out Day…. for donation of the articles that ladies would like to give out to the needy and so on….

This continued with the addition of more and more activities such as pop up events, workshops related to stress management time management health management calligraphy handicrafts cooking competitions and so on and so forth.
Besides empowering women, Go Womania has been working for the social cause of helping underprivileged children like undertaking charity works by collecting money to buy shoes for the students of an entire underprivileged schools 

New activities are introduced in the group every now and then to keep making the group innovative.

Things like jobs alert section, eco-friendly drive of hand made paper bags….. and the latest being a plan to launch a website by the name gowomaniagoa.com are some of the new items introduced into the group as the admin of the group, Siya usually handles the back end chores of the group.

Besides the admin there is a team of core members of the group who also assist and shoulder the responsibilities as per the instructions and in collaboration with the admin Core committee meetings are held at regular intervals to plan upcoming meetings. activities with a major focus to take the activities of this group to the interiors of Goa so that the ladies living there get a chance to interact with the ladies living in the cities and in the bargain the business of these ladies spreads and spreads over vast areas.

This group has physical meetups for women twice a month under the banner of WEBM which is purely  business networking activity for the purpose of exchange of ideas and networking. This helps establish mutually beneficial relationship of these women with the other business community as well as potential clients.

Go Womania is today being invited by colleges and other womens organizations for explanation of their working model and to become a part of motivational and inspirational talks and activities.

A group which once started with about 10 to 15 members has a 7500 strong membership and still going stronger. A matter of great pride for every woman associated with Go Womania.




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