The much awaited day, 1st May 2019, finally dawned to usher in the Farmer’ Marker @ the atrium of the Caculo Mall.Curated by Shweta Chari and Manasi Goverkar , the founders of the fast growing woman entrepreneurs group, Tarang..Farmers market has a number of stalls owned by a number of enthusiastic women entrepreneurs and youngsters alike.

These stalls contain a variety of items ranging from organically grown food products like coconuts chillies onions pickles juices.Stalls contain food products like coconuts chillies onions mangoes greens qnd also home made papads picles juices and moreProducts from local lemons to vegetables, fruits & microgreens pickles, jams, squashes, steamed rice, ragi and ragi powder, locally grown leafy vegetables.

Home made wines, steamed rice home grown beaten rice, pottery items and much more .Not to forget the talented yet most unexposed artisans of Goa who have also displayed jute items, jute bags, shell items lamp shades made out of shells handcrafted products by our artisan and lots more…And whats more, these stalls include a variety of junk and silver jewellery, wire bags arts and artifacts candles of different shapes sizes and colours, ornamental plants in small pots, inhouse plants..

Farmers Market is a very well organised day long event which has to be attended and witnessed to realise and get the feel of the hidden talents that are so very abundant in our small state of Goa .This talent is just waiting for a platform which has been given to them at the right time by Tarang.

S0o people, do visit in large numbers with family and friend to this day long event of fun and frolic.


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