Jaya Darne

Originally from Mumbai and now based in Goa, Jaya is a software engineer, traveler, chef and self-trained makeup artist. Travelling and exploring food all over the world gives her an extra high. Makeup is her passion hence she plans on taking it to another level by turning it into her profession. She started developing this passion by watching her mother get ready everyday while she would go out for simple chores like grocery shopping, going to the bank, gardening in the society garden etc.. One can say makeup and looking good runs in her blood. As she started working for an IT firm, she realized how important it is for everyone to look presentable and confident.

As a freelance makeup artist, she has been a part of Mr & Ms India’s Fashion Icon 2019 as well as taken up assignments for grooming ladies for special occasions.

Her aim now is to make each and every woman realize the importance of being confident in their own skin by giving them tips via her Facebook Page – ‘Glamorous without guilt’ and Instagram Handle – ‘mumbaikarturnedgoan’ . In addition, Jaya is proficient in grooming ladies for parties and special functions which require an extra touch of glamour.


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