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Good morning goa!!!

Goa is know for Sun Sand and Sea, same way Financial planning depends on Dignity, Duty, Debts and Dreams!!!
Dignity…whose Dignity?? Start with yourself. All our life when we have lived on our own terms wouldn’t it be fun to continue the same post retirement ?? How do we take care of ourselves financially and physically and emotionally depends on the cashflow in to our bank accounts. All our life when we have been a provider can the tables turn at 60 when we have to depend on the 3 C’s. Charity Community Children.

For most of us to go to Charity would be shameful n will effect our self esteem n would make us feel very very sad and depressed too, if all our life we were care providers and money providers too. Its an emotional low to knock at the doors of charity.

Community care is a good concept, here mostly emotional needs are taken care of and as we see in india most communities have their own rules and regulations, we may get some support but not 100%.

Children who are the apple of our eye, we do everything for them to the best of our abilities. Wouldnt it be a matter of pride that even after 60 age we can also give them rather then expect from.them or worse still depend on them for our financial needs?? We can depend on them for our emotional needs only anything more then them would burden them un neccesarily. Lets live n die in Dignity! Dignity of a well planned life financially n physically too. Dignity of having saved enough when our hair turns to silver lets plan for gold in our pockets and givingin our attitudes. Lets collect blessings n move on with Dignity

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