“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.” ~ Erma Bombeck

This is exactly how I can describe myself..
Hi I am Divya George Dessai,mother of 2 lovely kids Aarav & Anaaya,and a person full upto the brim with a passion to do and create something new everytime…I am never satisfied in terms of my talents or hobbies… I love Painting, singing,sports, and writing poems.

Loosing my father in a very young age made me very strong and responsible.But as a youngster the lack of finance did not let me pursue any of my dreams.. My husband recognised my passion for photography and gifted me my first ever DSLR after the birth of my first born.. and my little son was my prop every time… when I became good at it I decided to take photography as a side business….and so “Aarav Photography” was born…and of course it’s named after my son Aarav. Its a real bliss to witness and freeze those happy moments of our clients through our lens.


As a child and like any other girl, I dreamt of being a princess on my wedding day.. but seriously couldn’t afford a wedding gown of my dream at that point of time ..
And I always wanted to help the bride’s like me to get what they want on their special day… After a lot of research and finding out how I could go with it… “Div’s Bridals” evolved..

Under this brand I let the bride’s live there dream under their budget by not emptying their pockets… Beautiful gowns and packages are available to fit every bride. And till date from my 3 years venture in this line, I have brought smiles to more than 30 bride’s on their special day.

I Re-live my dreams through Their eyes.


Then came Anaaya’s Handmade. It’s not even a year since I started this project .. but by God’s grace, He touched my hands to heal others skin…Every product I prepare is through utmost care and tested before it’s given to the customer…

The feedbacks I get from customers initiates me to do more and more.. Initially I started with handmade soaps…but now I prepare everything from lipsticks, shampoos, face wash, creams, gels … everything your skin needs is available at Anaaya’s.. And every product is Natural, free from Parabens.

From newborn, pregnancy, old and young.. we have a soap for all. Most of my products are prepared only on order and now they are even recognised out of India…and they travel in bulk to Singapore, Vietnam,Dubai,US,London, Seychelles and many more.
So if you are looking for anything Natural..think Anaaya’s!


And this isn’t the end yet….
With mommy hood comes a package of milestones…and as a mother I wanted to save everything that’s precious to me about my babies… They grow so quick and  before you even know they will be taller than you…

How to Keep these memories alive was my next plan..And than came “Mommies precious keep sakes”
What’s it about????
It’s here that I preserve any form of DNA like Breast milk, babies hair, babies first tooth, umbilical cord… anything that you want to keep safe very close to you is converted to a Pendant,ring, Earrings…. thereby as a mother you will always have your kids around everytime you look at your jewellery..isn’t it interesting???

My journey will never end here…
As long as my heart says to do something new…. My ventures will keep growing by the grace of God!

Divya George Dessai
Owner/partner @Anaaya’s Handmade
@Div’s Bridal Couture
@Aarav Photography
@Mommies precious keepsakes
Whatsapp-  8668255197



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