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Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

There is a saying, behind every successful man there is a woman, but in the case of Alpna it is the opposite, behind her success is her husband Pradeep. A girl from small town becomes a famous artist and is renowned across the country. Who would have thought this would happen, but for her mother who named her daughter Alpna, which translates to rangoli, maybe she had an inkling of her child’s creativity and future as an artist, right from the beginning.

Alpna grew up in Meerut and studied in a convent, despite opposition from conventional
minded relatives. She had complete support from her parents to study and pursue any
hobbies she was interested in. She graduated in commerce in 2000 and her family shifted to Nasik.

She started studying Advance Diploma in Multimedia from Arena Multimedia, while also
pursuing her masters. She got her first job offer there only and she happily accepted it. After a 1.5 year stint at Arena Multimedia, she tried her luck in the corporate world and moved to Mumbai, with the love of her life, her husband Pradeep. They were blessed with a baby boy soon after and Alpna decided to focus on raising him well and quit her well paid job and continued her studies and did MBA in finance.

She had a flair for art and craft since she was a kid, having done her first oil painting at the
age of 10. She would tinker with new and different crafts over vacations. But over time she
lost sight of her hobby as other things occupied her mind and time. She found some spare time while raising her son, her brother suggested starting a business making hand-made gifts. She was thrilled with the idea and her hubby supported her completely. That’s how her venture FEELINGS HATKE came into existence.

She started out small, making greeting cards, advertised herself on Facebook and gradually orders started pouring in. She says everything inspires her to create her artworks, it can be a smile, flowers, waves and the list is endless… As Goa is a land of art and culture and also people here appreciate art so she and her husband decided to move to Goa so they could focus on their business and also not compromise on family time. Goa welcomed her with open arms and gave her the platform to showcase her art in exhibitions.

But like any other business, Feelings Hatke faced an order crunch in the beginning and Alpna had a bit of a hard time establishing herself as an artist. Its a saying that “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. Her family and friends have been a witness to the efforts she had taken in laying down the foundations for the business, the setbacks she had faced and difficulties she had overcome.

Alpna’s team is her family, Pradeep and Yajat, the two pillars that have supported her
through it all. They have spent many a sleepless nights with her to meet deadlines.
She has won Achievers Award in 2018, Appreciation Award as a woman entrepreneur in
2019. She conducts various creative workshops and impart training to people who are
looking to become stable. While handling her business she also displayed her paintings on
international platforms and she had been the design team member for many national and
international craft teams.

She says, women are one of God’s most beautiful creations, so they need to merely believe
in themselves and they can achieve anything they set their minds on. For women out there
who are struggling with anything in their lives she says, dare to be ambitious, take the
chance, don’t settle and don’t let anything or anyone else define your worth. Do whatever
you want as you can do a lot more than you believe you can.

Below are the links of her social media presence:

Facebook : www.facebook.com/feelingshatke/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/feelingshatke
Blog : https://feelingshatke.blogspot.in/
Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/feelingshatke/feelings-hatke/
YouTube : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvEYG_TCwlcXGDT50aame8w
Twitter : https://twitter.com/alpnakale



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