End to the Red Shame…


I was raised in a small town village and I do feel great about that. All the events / Camps on Hygiene awareness/ Menstrual talk which I address personally are blessings given to me to learn from. Literally understanding the challenges of different segments of women each day.I’m happy that with the strong stand “END TO THE RED SHAME” women as well men are having positive influence and mindset..

Under SHC, “ HY FEMME “ Sanitary Napkins is not just a say no to Cloth initiative, but it’s much more than that..I chose to research on Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene and social work because I have a passion for working with and helping others. I grew up in a home with generous and loving parents. Growing up with a sister who has autism gave me a different perspective on the world. I always knew I wanted to go into a field where I could help others.

Subject MENSTRUATION, and the launch of Hy Femme Sanitary Napkins, the reason I stood for this, so that our sisters, our daughters, our friends don’t have to grow up unanswered and ignored Like we have..So they can honor their power without feeling ashamed, or guilty.. That’s it!

HY FEMME is totally Hygienic, soft, rash/ itch free and a high absorbent product. Each women should know how important it is to be healthy..

Available at most of the pharmacy’s and supermarkets in Goa
2.JEEVAN REKHA Panjim &Miramar
5. EXPERT PHARMACY, St.Inez Panjim
6. RADHA MEDICALS, St.Inez Panjim
10. DELFINO’S,Porvorim
13. Bagayat Bazaar
14. DG Mart, Milroc KADAMBA, Old Goa
15. Lawande Supermarkets, CALANGUTE
16. Valanka supermarkets, CALANGUTE

I always knew I was going to be super successful. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.

My career began in 2004 after completion of BBA. I got my 1st part time job as a intern for sales and marketing, when I was just 18 years and that’s when my projects, creativity and my skills impressed corporates and later made my way to several Academy Awards too…Today I’m a MBA, Sales and Marketing.
And I’m successfully managing my production plant of Manufacturing and marketing of SANITARY NAPKINS in Corlim- Goa under the name Sinami Hygiene Company (Product HY FEMME, Sanitary Napkin). I have my own strong team working behind Sinami Hygiene Company, achieving the best of the results.

Despite support from parents, I began my education life with EDUCATION LOAN, since I wanted to set a goal for myself and never wanted financial support in one of those days. It was just a few years after that, I achieved success, and stood on my own.
I moved from my 13 years corporate Life, only reason I chose myself and for turning my dreams into reality! A dream of becoming a successful lady entrepreneur of Goa and help create a Hygienic and positive environment through my product and also for the people to work on his/her goals….

I have currently launched my product in Regular Size.
Cost of Hyfemme Soft- Rs.28/-
Cost of Hy Femme Dry Net- Rs.30/-
Hy- Femme in XL size and Ultra thin size will also be launched by May 2019 , targeting other segments as well.Besides that, I have more exciting products lined up.For me, to achieve actually something, I need to have a detailed plan and enough discipline to follow it..And I’m pretty sure I’ll achieve that soon..

I’m a fitness trainer as well.

Fitness is my lifestyle, no qualification as such.. Basic patterns I follow, and that’s how I remain fit. During my Sinamifitness program,(classes which I personally conduct) I also integrate some of the toning and stretching exercises which helps in strengthening your body and boosts your mood..Fitness is very close to my heart, it has changed my lifestyle and the same energy I pass on to other females who interact on daily basis during my course..Aerobics,Zumba, functional exercises are part of SinamiFitness.


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