Ela Crafts Studio


Ela Crafts Studio” has been inspired by Mother Earth -“Ela”, with all her splendour is the theme and inspiration behind our every creation. In fruition and even as it withers, everything in nature, the dry leaves, the river stone’s, the driftwood has us in awe. Ela is celebration on this bounty & is an ode to mother Earth.

Our products are beautiful creations like dry flowers arrangements, zentangle inspired art stones, woodburnt & engraved pinewood pallet coasters/serving platters, cake stands, dry leaves painted bookmarks, beeswax candles, orangewood spoons & we also do eco friendly events by arranging decors ,theme parties and doing corporate gifts for the elite clients.

We are strictly Eco friendly doers and so we create a niche for us by standing apart for a valuable reason. Our company is just about 7 months old and we are working creatively with our heart and soul to beautify this world . The company’s director’s are Dipali Narayana (Delhi), Rupali (Kolkata) & Ruchi (Goa), being Goa the head quarters.
Thanks a lot for this opportunity Ruchi (9930458452) For Ela Crafts.



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