Edcon Real Estate Developers

Edcon real estate Developers

Established in the year 1995, Edcon Real Estate Developers, started operations by taking contracts to build residential, industrial and institutional buildings. Built in 1996, Edcon Enclave in Alto Santa Cruz – Bambolim, was their first ownership project.

The partners, Cedric Vaz and Edwin Menezes are both civil engineers who met in college, where their friendship turned into a bond of trust and entrepreneurship automatically followed. Cedric was inspired by the field of construction from a young age and went on to become a civil engineer. Edwin too, was fascinated by buildings and he topped in his civil engineering diploma course. He also went on to attain a degree from Goa Engineering College as well as a law degree. Both Cedric and Edwin always nurtured a dream to construct their own buildings. They started designing projects on their own, architecturally as well as structurally.

Since its inception, the company has delivered over 10,00,000 sq. ft. of real estate and over 25 commercial, residential and hospitality projects in Goa. Initially in 1996, the company had to deal with a recessionary climate in Goa and this low phase continued till 2002. The company survived when many others in this field gave up. However, the years 2003 – 2007 were very good. Again recession hit the industry in 2008 – 2009, but with acquired experience and hard work, Edcon has become a name to reckon with in the Goan real estate industry. The company concentrates on quality, not quantity, and focuses on the value each project has to offer.

Edcon leads the way as far as innovation is concerned. They were the first to offer stilt parking in Bambolim and also the first to offer structural glazing in Panjim city. Edcon continued to pursue projects in Panjim and built a perception of being ‘city builders’. With regards to environmental clearances they have never faced any issues as their projects have always been in areas marked for development.

Edcon looks for trustworthy and honest employees. Responsibility and dedication are of the utmost importance. According to them, a friendly and empowering culture produces the best results. Their employees are given the freedom to innovate and suggest changes to any process and they play an important role in the growth and improvement of service.

The company supports a lot of social projects and charities like religious trusts, educational institutes, old age homes and orphanages, both financially as well as through free services. They have also helped to promote sports events, theatre, art and culture. Most often however, they keep their charitable activities confidential and do not try to gain publicity for social work.

Edcon has always invested in the latest technology in their constructions. Stainless steel railings, marble staircases, structural glazing, firefighting facilities and underground parking are some of their unique offerings. Both the partners, being engineers, are actively involved in the design process and oversee even the smallest details. Reliability and trust are their selling points. They always stick to the approved plans and many times over deliver. This has helped them to build their brand equity in the Goan market.

Their USPs include not just reliability and trust but also innovation in design. The company is now on par with all leading competitors in terms of size and number of projects, but in terms of quality and reliability they have established a unique name for themselves.


Address: Fifth Floor, Siddharth Bandodkar Bhavan, Dr. P. Shirgaokar Road, Panaji, Goa, 403001

Phone: 8007529299

Email: sales@edcongoa.com


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