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The 4 BIG Ds in our life are

In my earlier write up I spoke about debt, duty and dignity.Today let’s understand *DREAMS*

In Nasik there is a currency printing machine, from where we get our currency. This machine is insured for few crores, as per the value it holds.
Did u know that there is a currency printing machine in your house too??? Who is this machine??? Where is it kept??? Voila…!!! Its your own mind which uses the intellect and skill to produce the income that u get home!

Are u afraid your mind machine will stop working (death) ???
Are u afraid of it being robbed(illness)??
Are u afraid of it becoming disabled(accident)??
If your mind machine is earning 10 lacs per annum, in the next 20 years it would earn 2 crores for u. So if u had to insure this machine would u insure it for 10 lacs or 2 crores????

Our income helps us to achieve our dreams. They may range from house to car to travel to buying expensive stuff too. What happens when this machine STOPS!!!???
Who fulfills the dreams….
What happens to the unfulfilled dreams….
What happens to your spouse old age….
What happens to your kids education….

It’s a curse to die too young as well as to live to long if dreams are unfulfilled and provisions are not made correctly.
Income coming into the house is sweet water like river water. Income going out as expenses is like salt water like the ocean.Build a DAM of savings between the both.Water your dreams drop by drop n penny by penny. Soon it will bloom and u will achieve all your Dreams!!!

This is khairoo signing off,have a super smiling day ahead.
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