DG Mart

After the success of Scholar Builders Shri Dnyaneshwar Govekars next venture was in the field of supermarket and as lifestyle is his forte, which he follows aptly he started a supermarket and named it the DGMart.

This supermarket has got everything under one roof …products ranging from groceries, vegetables, fruits, beverages,cold cuts, sweets, improted items, fancy goods, cosmetics, stationary, gift items …you just name it and its all available.

DG Mart was set up in the year 2014 and he has added two more outlets within a short span of 5 years…one at Old Goa and the other at Ponda.

The latest mart at Marcel which is by far the largest is gearing up to serve the community in that vicinity


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am K.Siddharth behalf of Shri Ganesh Foods, wish to supply my home made Maharashtrian traditional food products. i am supplying to La Mart, Delfinos & so Many shops in panjim ponda vasco madaon, i would like to meet you..i am giving here my list of material… pls check….

    Thalipeeth bhajani
    Multigrain Dalia
    Upawasachi Bhajani,
    Rajgira Flour,
    Til Chutney
    Jawas Chutney
    Karale Chutney
    & There are few more but selected Products we are Having.
    i am not having FSSAI number right now…but you can use your packing as other Marts doing the same.
    i will be applying for it soon.
    Please give me your Appointment so i will come and discuss with you in detail.

    Shri Ganesh Foods.


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