Here is the main beach in the South circuit, equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioned resort complexes, tourist cottages, discos, besides several stalls, eateries and guest houses–most of which have enlarged the village enormously.

Tourists and locals frequent the beach for a dip or a walk to get a change of air or to sunbathe on the golden sands. The trinket stalls and beverage stands on the sands under the moonlight increase Colva Beach’s air.

While taking a stroll on Colva Beach, silver rugs of mackerels could be viewed drying and shimmering on the golden sands. Fishermen’s engine trawlers huddle in a line.

The Church of Our Lady Of Mercy at Colva is famous for its wonder statue of Menino Jesus. The busy road leading in the Church is where all of the amenities are located.

With 20 kms of white sands, palm fringed, sun drenched shores, Colva is the most loved beach in Goa. Contrary to Anjuna or Calangute, Colva has gained popularity just recently. Located only 39 kms from the capital Panaji, it was life moved on quietly and comparatively small disturbed.


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