Behind the gate of St. Paul’s College is a kuchcha road branching off the main road, leading to the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. It is built of laterite, plastered with lime-mortar, and has a tiled roof supported by wooden rafters. It is a plain chapel with only one altar. Architecturally, it is of the Doric Order, The chapel was within the enclosure of the College of St. Paul and was dedicated either to St. Anthony or St. Jerome. As the chapel was used L St. Francis Xavier, it was rededicate, to him after his canonization in 1622.

The original chapel was in existence in 1545. With the outbreak of the epidemic and the consequent abandoning of the College of St. Paul in 1570, it fell into ruins. The present chapel was built in 1884.

Conservation work was undertaken in this chapel to fix two collapsible gates to the southern and eastern entrances. The decayed wooden planks of the first floor verandah were removed and replaced. The dilapidated laterite rubble compound wall was also rebuilt with seasoned laterite blocks in combination mortar.

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