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Bhoomij literally means the earthborn. That’s who we all are, aren’t we? We wander in the earth’s arms, learn and grow. We all come back from the laps of the mother and return back to her. The culture blooms in the lap of the mother earth, and sometimes it resides in her womb to be rediscovered by the archaeologists after centuries. Bhoomi Loves to introduce the fascinating world of archaeology to people through our lecture series, hands-on workshops and experiential learning.

Bhoomij is the brainchild of Sawani Shetye, a 24-year-old archaeologist who loves exploring cultures and sharing the interesting facts to people. Bhoomijstrongly believes in research should not be trapped in the four walls of the libraries and difficult language! And thus was born Bhoomij Heritage Consultancy to bring forth the interesting stories from past in the public forum. Since our inception, we have helped explorers from 2-year-old toddler to 72 years young to understand and relate to the monuments from the past.

Our duty towards Goas drive for sustainable cultural tourism has shaped our vision for a business with social impact. We adhere to the research and behavioral ethics to be followed while working in the field of culture and history. To give back to villages we go we strictly arrange for meals at homes or locally run farms. We believe this presents our guest the best of culinary experience while it helps the local economy grow.

Get in touch with us for customized and curated by cultural experiences in Goa and around. Experience the culture and nature, the way you wish curated especially for you!


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