Beautiful Regardless of the Beholder


What is female beauty?

Time and again, I have been told I’m the opposite of the Indian concept of Beauty which is “fair skinned, slim and docile”.

But as a young girl in my childhood home my mother taught me the sum total of the rest of me : my intelligence, my talent, my personality, my ability to love and care were far greater than my looks so I never had the low self esteem and lack of confidence others with my looks are plagued by.

It was only after I left my home did I realise that there were ignorant and shallow people in the world who placed a very high value on physical attributes. The television and magazines told me I wasn’t good enough either. Too dark, too fat, too bold to be accepted, loved or successful.

Today, I’m entrusted with moulding the minds of two little girls who will no doubt find things about their body that do not “fit into society’s and someone else’s idea of beauty” and it’s my job to teach them what my mother taught me.

Show our daughters they’re so much more than their looks…Don’t let their inner beauty be trapped inside this bag of flesh which will wrinkle, stretch and age regardless! Don’t force our girls to fit into any moulds. For you see there is no mould or template for beauty through the centuries! From the buxom, plump Rubenesque lasses from the 17th century to the lanky flappers of the 1920’s, from the hourglass, curvy 50’s housewife to the ultra skinny and petite 60’s mod girls, from the 90’s fit bodies to today’s big booty and top heavy Kim Kardashian clones, we realise that there is no one appealing “type” of woman!

For eons we have been desperately playing catch up to meet the beauty standards and trends of the times. Being objectified as Art, or purveyed as an object of lust on the screen be it on mainstream media or porn and in recent times filtering and obsessing over the perfect picture on social media to garner those “likes”. We need to call out on this “Beauty Business” all together!

“Beauty is as Beauty does” is all our little girls need to hear.

In all it’s forms, shapes and colours the feminine is divine and our daughters need to know that!

Credits to Vanda Rodrigues



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