Ayurveda – an Introduction by Dr. K.K.Sanzgiri

Ayurveda… One of the most ancient, sacred and Holistic branch of medicine ever , has been going through the most difficult period ever in recent years … With sarcastic attacks from the fraternity of other branch of medicines added with misconceptions , myths and misunderstandings about the  quality , efficiency and genuinity of the medicines …

It has seen, absorbed and withstood all possible turbulences and negative publicity thrown at it. Factually speaking no branch of medicine deserves criticism, as every branch has it’s own limitations . To be more specific .. Ailments like renal calculi’s .. surgery is the only option as per allopathy is concerned, but  Ayurveda has clear options to treat it with medicines that can get rid of them …

SWASTHSYA SWASTHYA RAKSHANAM… has been the main motto of Ayurveda .. Apart from chikitsa ( treatment) it also prescribes in detail the ways to keep our body and mind healthy through detoxification methods like .. PANCHAKARMA and DINACHRYA ( rules to be followed on our eating and sleeping habits throughout the day) and RUTUCHARYA ( during the seasons throughout the year) as per our body constitution. All the above measures were already practiced by our ancestors, but its methods of implications in a scientific way and looked through health perspective was the key to principle of ayurveda.

Believe me, every time I open my books/ granth’s on ayurveda for references I find new things which enhances my knowledge vis a vis diagnosis and treatment in my day to day practice. I consider myself as blessed and fortunate to have associated with Ayurveda which has developed itself immensely through research especially in last decade, gaining faith, confidence and popularity among all sections of the society.

Dr K K Sanzgiri((Dr Krishnanath Kashinath Sanzgiri)) is an Ayurvedic Consultant, staying in Merces. He has done B.A.M & S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), From Mumbai University. He is Practising as Ayurvedic Consultant for last 32 years in Goa ( panjim, vasco & margao). He has also worked as a Ayurveda Consultant in NIO, Dona Paula, Goa for eight years.

He gives talks on awareness on Ayurveda in Schools, colleges & private institutions. Having a Production house, he is involved in making feature and short films and also Documentaries on educational and environmental subjects.



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