Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Hello there! My name is Vanda, I'm a mom of two gorgeous, clever little girls called Hope and Faith, a Cake Artist and part Owner of a Small Business called CAKED, Blogger, an Egalitarian, a blunt Introvert, an amateur Stand up Comedienne and mostly my biggest, proudest identity is that I'm a Niz Goenkar, that is a native of the most beautiful little paradise called Goa. My family is everything to me. My life centres around them.My mom is not with me anymore but shes my inspiration for Everything. Thanks to her, I have inherited a variety of interests and passions that I explore with my wonderful family including Food: both Home Cooking and Eating Out, Reading, Travelling, Writing, Art and Crafting, Movies, Home Improvement, Beauty, Fashion and Entertaining to name a few. I blog about these topics on my personal blog cakechaosandconfetti as well.