The Association of Friends of Astronomy (Goa) is a non-profit making organisation established with the sole aim of bringing together persons interested in the study of amateur astronomy, telescope making, observation of the sky and space travel. The Association’s objective is to instill into the minds of our people, especially the Goan youth, how to become curious about our Cosmos. Founded on December 26th 1982, The AFA(Goa) with its limited resources, made great contribution to the popularisation of astronomy in Goa.

It is worth mentioning here that during the last 37 years of its effective existence, the Association of Friends of Astronomy (Goa) conducted several programmes, out of which few of them are: School Programmes, Astro-Kids Programmes, Workshop for Teachers/Students, Astronomical Meets, Star Parties, Study tours, Exhibitions, Observation and study of unusual astronomical events, such as, solar and lunar eclipses, transits and occultation of planets, comets, conjunction of planets etc..

The AFA runs 9 public astronomical observatories, including astronomy centers and rural Astronomy hubs in Goa,the 1st set up at junta House, 27 years ago and it being the first public astronomical observatory in India. All the activities are run by support and assistance from The Department of Science and Technolgy, Govt. of Goa.


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