Mr Wilson D’souza,  also known as the Pyde Pyper,  has been a contemporary painter for the past 30 years.  He founded the Pyde Pyper Art Academy to nurture students dreams to pursue Careers in Visual Arts as well as train students from all professions to thinking creatively and artistically.  It’s great pride to know his students are doing professionally well in the best Art and Design Colleges both in India and Abroad.

Along with his role as an Art Educator,  Mr Wilson D’souza is a Versatile Artist,  constantly innovating,  creating,  reinventing and redesigning.  His works include paintings & sculptures, prints  ,  photographs , diaries,  stories and poems,  character designs,  concept designs,  typography,  and illustrations of various kinds including fashion. Always dedicated to the students,  Studio Banyan Tree is a space created to bring Mr Wilson D’souzas professional career as an artist to the forefront and present it to the world.

Mr Wilson D’souza has always been known for his generosity and advanced skill in imparting knowledge when it comes to the Visual Arts or life in general. The Pyde Pyper never stops short when it comes to training students and is ever willing to share his personal artistic talents so that each student grow to their full potential and has their own unique style as an artist.
Just like the Banyan Tree is considered the foundation of wisdom,  this Studio is the corner stone for Art and Art Education in India and the world.
Deanne Fernandes


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