My name is Rohini Cardoso Diniz. I am a Nutritionist, Author and Writer.

THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES MUST BEGIN WITH A SINGLE STEP: My career in the field of nutrition began in 1998, when I returned to Goa after completing my post- graduation at Nirmala Niketan, College of Home Science at Mumbai. As we all know in those years there were very few job opportunities in Goa in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Since I was a fresher and needed to gain experience, my father spoke to Mr Jovito Lopes who was then the Secretary of the Indian Red Cross Society, Goa State Branch and he asked me to join the Indian Red Cross an Honorary Consultant Dietician. I seized the opportunity and began giving nutrition education lectures, talks and conducting mini workshops for students and teachers who had opted for Junior and Youth Red Cross as a subject at school and higher secondary levels.

Seeing my enthusiasm and passion towards nutrition education, Mr Lopes suggested that I write a book on nutrition which the teachers teaching the subject of Red Cross in schools and Higher Secondary’s could use to educate students about Nutrition. I liked the idea and took up the task of writing the book by referring to textbooks, journals, periodicals and of course the internet. Once the manuscript was ready, it was printed and on 31st January 2001, my first book “Eat Sensibly Live Healthy” was released.

MARRIAGE AND MOTHERHOOD: I got married in 2001 and I was fortunate that my husband and his parents not only treated me as their own daughter, but were also very supportive of my work as a nutritionist.After the birth of both my daughters I did not give up my career entirely as I continued to take nutrition education lectures and talks as and when invited to schools, junior colleges, corporate houses and NGO’s. I also consulted part time as a nutritionist at Neomi’s Fitness Centre at Miramar, wrote articles for a short time for a local Goan daily The Gomantak Times Weekender and and worked on a Health Promotion Project of the Voluntary Health Association of India

In the year 2011, I got associated with the Nestle Healthy Kids Global Programme as facilitator to take nutrition education sessions for adolescent girls and boys in different schools in Goa. While taking these sessions in one of the schools, I felt the desire to write another book on nutrition. I then began working hard and got the manuscript ready and finally in July 2012, I saw the fruit of my labour in the form of my second book “A Woman’s Guide to Sensible Eating”.

According to my publisher, this book got good sales both in Goa and outside Goa as well. In the same year, The Navhind Times approached me to write regular articles on Food and Nutrition for their Sunday Magazine Panorama and now for their Saturday’s Zest under the column titled NutriTalk. This was the beginning of another professional journey that helped me establish myself as feature writer. Till date my column has carried over 345 articles on different topics related to food and nutrition. Besides Navhind Times, I am also a regular columnist on Viva Goa Magazine. Writing is not only my passion but also a stress buster for me.

It had always been my desire to write a third book on nutrition but owing to family commitments I was not able to fulfil this desire earlier. It was only after friends and well-wishers began prodding me about when I was publishing my next book that I took up the task of writing my book in 2016 and on 30th July 2017 my third book NutriTalk was released. Unlike my other two books which were on specific topics, NutriTalk is totally different both in concept and style of writing. It consists of 35 short chapters on a variety of topics of nutrition and aims to provide the reader with correct scientific information in a simple and easy to understand language.
Besides writing, I also have a clinic at Panaji and provide diet counselling to those who want to lose weight, are diabetic and to parents of children with autism.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: It is said that “We Don’t Grow When Things Are Easy, We Grow When We Face Challenges”. I too faced and continue facing many challenges both in my personal and professional life, but since I am “strong-willed”, resilient and determined by nature, I have been able to overcome these challenges and have matured both as a person and in profession. If I am determined to do something, I do it at any cost.

People often ask me “How do you manage all the things that you do”. To tell you frankly, it is determination and certain amount of discipline that has helped me achieve all that I have achieved. One needs to strike the right balance between family commitments and your career. My husband and his mother continue to be a source of encouragement and support to me and so does my mother.

ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Although I am well known in the field of nutrition since the last 20 years, social media platforms such Go Womania have helped increase my popularity and helped me grow in my profession.

MY MANTRA OF SUCCESS: A strong woman helps others, even when she’s struggling with her own personal pains and problems.


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