Aifa's Delight

“A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with brains is an absolutely lethal combination”. This is what people who know Asma Sheikh Muzavor will say .

In the year 2014 she started teaching kids up till the age when they were in Class IX.
Asma’s friends who had known her passion and acumen for baking tried to motivate her and brought her back into the field which she loved to work most.

Thus triggered the idea of starting her baking business yet all over again.
Life was not  easy for Asma as she had to face a lot of challenges in life on the personal front, but that did not dwindle her faith in herself.

Rock solid support from few of her near and dear ones gave Asma the courage and the motivation to start her present venture Aifa’s Delights with a lot of hesitation.

A self taught baker with no formal training in baking techniques at all, Asma herself was surprised at how fast her business grew within a few months.

Passion and dedication can do wonders.Within a year, she was counted as one of the best bakers and was competing with the best bakers in town.

If you are wondering what does Aifa’s Delights mean. The “Ai” in Aifa’s stands for her daughter Aishah, whereas the “Fa” in Aifa’s stands for her son “Faheem”.

Asma is a self taught baker and she is not only proud but also very passionate about her work.


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