Sukainah Fathima’s Life has been a Rollercoaster Ride..A Journey from Being Ordinary to Extra Ordinary.

Born in Hyderabad, Sukainah spent most of her childhood abroad with her parents & siblings.From a Shy introvert to a confident extrovert..her transformation has been something to look upto.After finishing her schooling in Mysore , Sukainah was in the midst of her college when she got married.. and had to move to Goa from Hyderabad.

Her Marriage was just the start of her amazing transformation and she set out to pursue her dreams, desires and goals; one of which was to pursue studies further and which she did by doing MBA in Finance from Symbiosis. Now the entrepreneur in her took wings and she convinced and persuaded her husband to give up his job from MNC and she set up 2 Engineering firms.

Sukainah always had that leadership quality and the power to think and do things Out of the Box. In a short time, with Sukainah’s progressive inputs the company climbed up the ladder of success.As kids were growing up they started demanding tasty food and variety in it, that’s when she surprised everybody with her hidden talent of cooking. Her friends and friends of friends became her greatest fans especially of her Hyderabadi Haleem.

In Ramadan 2018 as many people were coming home to pick up the parcels she thought it would be more appropriate to have a small outlet where people can order on phone and pick up their parcels of Haleem and Biryanis.But the entrepreneur in her would not let her do anything on a small scale and she ended up in setting up a full fledged hotel naming it after her loving father “Nawab” a great Biryani lover himself.

“Nawab’s Hyderabadi Cuisine” serves the most authentic and traditional Hyderabadi Cuisine to the niche segment and the food connoisseurs.
It has been just a couple of months and the Restaurant is gaining popular reviews from the premium upper segment customers who have been longing for not only authentic Hyderabadi Biryani but also Hyderabadi Haleem, Paya Salan , Nahari, Khubani ka Meetha , Double Ka Meetha Etc.

We wish her all the success and hope she continues to surprise and motivate everyone around her. She’s is as beautiful person she is, a loving mother and devout wife and extremely successful entrepreneur.



  1. Very inspiring for me and all the young ladies of our country…Way to go Sukainah …youre achiever and a conquerer…This inspires me to dream big in life and work Hard in my life..I’m blessed to have an elder sis like U ..Hope U have many more victories in Ur life….


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