My favorite artisan always comes with a new variety. These “shilpkala” goods are valued by art lovers and highly appreciated.
“Shilpkala– Handmade art with passionate heart” She is very sincerely following her own tagline And is very passionate about her art.
“A Day Without Art is Like a Day Without Sunshine”, Says Shilpa Kulkarni, The Perfectionist.

Founder of the Handmade artifacts brand “Shilpkala”. The idea of brand clicks her mind in an exhibition on 1st October 2010, where she was selling beautiful terracotta diyas.She has sold almost 3000 plus diyas till date, locally and globally.Shilpkala’s satisfied customers are all over the world she already shipped her products to Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Belgaum, and Mumbai.

She is having her own Facebook page for all these online selling activities from the year 2012.she nurtured her brand like her own baby and now the brand flourished into a multibranched tree!Along with diya she makes jewelry, LED decorative lamps, earrings, terracotta articrafts, bottle art, artificial flower, engagement platters, customized gift items, handmade herbal soaps, and so on the list is ever growing in these 9years, Full of energy, passion, and creativity Shilpa never repeat her own design she comes up with something new every time, she hand-picked raw material and insists on its Quality.

It’s really a fact that Handmade things “hold” that positive vibes, love and the personal touch of an artist.Handmade jewelry is made with the hands that take pride in their craftsmanship, rather than the approach of bulk production and profit making!She is a rising role model for women entrepreneurs, she also takes various workshops on art craft she also runs YouTube tutorials. And as if above all is not sufficient,she is working as a full-time art and craft teacher in a school in Goa.

Lady herself Born and brought Belgaum. She holds degree B.Com and did a diploma in fashion designing and business management.In 2012 she got selected 10k under Goldman Sachs certified program for women entrepreneurs.Newspapers have published the inspiring story of Shilpa Kulkarni and appreciated her efforts for art.
We wish this creative soul, Shilpa Kulkarni a very best luck and wish that she always surprise us with her creative handmade stuff and makes people and places beautiful around us!



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