Fish curry Rice has been the staple food of Goan’s since time in memorium.
So much has the fish curry rice of Goa become famous all over the world that even people from outside Goa and foreign tourists who visit Goa will never bid adieu to Goa without having a fish thali at least once during their stay in Goa.

This is the very reason why we decided to do a little homework on eateries in Panaji which are most frequented and are most loved for their authentic Fish Thalis.

During our little survey we realiased that the best ones that we are going to feature for you are the family run eatouts which serve authentic Goan recepies in their Fish Thali.

We have here, zeroed down upon 5 nos. such outlets/ eat pots which one could easily say serve the best and the most authentic fish thalis in Panaji.

The most frequented of them we found was

This is a small but busy place in the close quarters of heritage area of Mala / Fontainhas..
They serve you a wholesome authentic fish meal for a mere approximately Rs 150/- only.
Anand Ashram is not a new place and has been there, standard and steady since many years.

This one is housed in the first floor of Cafe Bhosle, right in the heart of the city very close to where the most famous National Cinema Theatre used to be years ago.
Cafe Bhosle boasts of having one of the best breakfast and tea time menus in entire Panaji.
However this section being a vegetarian one, they decided to diversify in the non veg and Fish Thali area right above their own cafe space, with separate interiors and separate entrance.
Casa Bhosle has different veg and non veg food menus but their standard milti itemed fish thali will come to u at a reasonable approximate Rs.150/-

This Ritz Cafe is if u notice carefully is different from all the outlets of Ritz,
which are called RITZ CLASSIC and belong to the same management.
RITZ CLASSIC which actually started from a small RITZ CAFE, is situated all over Goa.
RITZ CAFE is the original small eatout situated in the heart of Panaji, right on the turn where the grand old Hindu Pharmacy is housed.
Although now they have a variety in their menu, what they are most known for is their authentic fish thali for a mere Rs 150/- approximate.. Very small place, no sit and laze or chitchat but always having a 100% occupancy
The new outlets of Ritz have brought about changes as per the requirements of the crowd but ask any old Goan…he will vouch for the originality and he authenticity of RITZ CAFE

This is housed very near to Mahalaxmi temple,
the Gram Devata of Panaji which is on D.V Road.
Alyhough comparatively new, Koknin Kanteen has fast claimbedthe ladder of success holding on to the 4th position.
Their interiors are worth the watch and their food is a must eat.For just Rs
177/- per thali its a very fair deal.


At the 5th place we have Peep Kitchen which has fast gained popularity amongst the young and older fish thali eatouts and the connseurs of fish alike.
Run by a brothers duo the backbone of this venture is their mother.
Peep changed places as they grew bigger and bigger and presently they are housed in a complex built by Risara Constructions a little away from Taleigaon market but on the same road.
Not only does their fish thali consist of authentic Goan preparations but Peep Kitchen is known for serving exoutic fish preparations as well
This is a slightly upmarket place where you can expect a terminology like fine dining, but a fish thali for the price of approximately Rs 250/- is a steal by any standards.

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