We’re a generation that has our whole lives trapped inside that little rectangular marvel of technology in our hands! There is no doubt our Smart phones are now an indispensable part of our lives.

While it’s important that we avoid the many traps of being constantly attached to our phones, especially with regards to the constant pressure and continous connectivity of Social Media, I’ve found that I can use my phone for a lot of useful tasks as well!

Here are a few Apps that help me organise my daily life better as well as provide me assistance. Oh and they’re free!

My Fitness Pal is amazing tool that I have been using on and off for over a decade. Its basically a food journal that one can use to keep sight of our daily food consumption. A marvelous way to track calories and aid in overall fitness be it weight loss, weight gain or just general maintenance.
My Fitness Pal has an extensive and impressive database of Foods and their calories so all you need to do is record EVERYTHING you’ve eaten in the day and My Fitness Pal will put in corresponding calories and tally it for you!
My Fitness Pal will give you great general guideline of what your daily caloric needs (including macros and micros!) are once it collates relevant information from you , ie current weight, height, goal weight, activity level etc.
In the past I’ve used the App to lose Upto 12 kilos in 3 months and just walking for exercise!
I’ve now embarked on a fitness journey once again after falling off the wagon for a couple of years and am finding this App helpful as ever!

Are you someone who’s always wondering what happened to their salary at the end of month?
Money Manager is a simple and easy App to track your daily and monthly expenditure.
Just log in every time you reach for your wallet and keep a better hold of your expenses.
Besides being more organized, you’ll realise where you’ve been spending needlessly and curb bad spending habits. When one sees physical evidence of any sorts its easier to remedy problems.
Let Money Manager help you do exactly what it says, manage your money better in sn extremely simple but effective way.

Our modern lives are so full of stress and strife. We’re constantly running and hustling towards success. Sometimes a vacation seems an unlikely happening but you’re longing to just de-stress.

Tide is an amazing free app that helps you “shutdown” for short breaks during the day.
I love this one personally. Its so simple but effective.
Busy daily life will not suddenly stop and disappear. We need to capture small moments of serenity to heal us in the day. While our hustle is inevitable its poetry, beauty, romance and love which are what we stay alive for.

Tide starts your day with one inspiring quote and a vast range ( hundreds!) Of nature sounds, be it waves crashing on the beach ocean or gentle rains or a soothing breeze. Use Tide to disconnect for a bit and relax, focus, meditate or just sleep.

It’s just what the App says it is, a reminder to drink water!If you’re like me, constantly forgetting to gave enough water in the day and feeling dehydrated or headache-y from it then you’ll appreciate this.It calculates approximately how much water you should be drinking and sends you alerts when you need to drink more, helping you achieve the total target for the day.

I have a reading addiction. I need a book in hand while eating, before sleeping, while traveling, while relaxing , well, just everywhere!
If I don’t read something in the day, I feel physically ill. Like all introverts, I’d rather spend time with a book rather than a person.

While previously I would have to have a book in my bag at any given point, I’m now saved the trouble of lugging a book everywhere thanks to the Amazon Kindle app!
You don’t need a “kindle” anymore to enjoy the vast range of e-books on Amazon. Just install the free app on your phone and download books ( costs vary) all day long!

So these were my top favorite 5 Apps on my phone! Which ones do you guys love??


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