Gail Dever’s quote….
“Keep your dreams alive. Understand that to achieve anything requires faith and belief in your vision, hard work , determination and dedication. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe”.

This is Rajat Bakre for you… The mastermind behind ट 4 Tasty.
Though presently a lesser known name, he is a rising star in the food industry. A name to watch out for.

With an IHM degree up his sleeve Rajat joined a very well know International fast food brand,  only to unveil their secret behind the success of a fast food joints.

Minor Mission Accomplished, Rajat gave up his job and took off to Pune and Mumbai to meet people to learn more about the Cafe’ business.

One fine day, Rajat’s business idea clicked in his mind when his uncle told him that he should write down his ABCD with the alphabets having examples related to food.
That was the birth of “T for Tasty”….

For the love of Marathi which is his mother tongue, he wanted to make his brand name oddly catchy, hence it became ट for Tasty and finally graduated to becoming ” ट 4 Tasty”, in order to popularize it amongst the younger generation.

Having returned from Bombay in January 2015 , with a few concepts in mind, Rajat started off his pilot project in his home town Marcel.

Rajat faced his first set of problems when he realised that his project of fast food was conceptualized in Mumbai and implemented in Marcel.

Oh! What a big difference in the two cities, in 2015 fast food was like a Latin word for a place like Marcel, with a severe lack of raw materials to churn out the dishes which Rajat had in mind.

So there he was taking another break, right at the beginning of his new venture, just so that  he could restructure his new menu.

Taking up a small 15 sq. meters place close to his home, Rajat convinced the owner to give him basic facilities of a 3 phase electricity connection  and independent water supply.

And after a week of trial and error , on 1st April 2015, he finally officially flagged of his pure veg cafe with a very down to earth inauguration and just 5 items on his menu.

Based on customer feedback, inquiries and suggestions Rajat kept in adding to his menu.
Maximum amount of money he earned, was spent on buying equipment and increasing a running inventory.

Totally dependent on social media for publicity, Rajat had an absolutely zero budget for offline publicity.

To add to his woes, the customer base of students that Rajat depended upon, used to go home for lunch. They had a way lower budget to afford Rajats dishes.

With yet another setback, Rajat  had to depend upon the office going crowd who visited his eat out after office hours.

Slowly but steadily his menu started widening with grilled sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, soups, cutlets and a variety of mock tails at a very reasonable rate.
It is only when Rajat started an Instagram page named Bindaas_Bawarchee that he started getting publicity.

After almost one year of struggle he finally gained some semblance of stability and that is when he had a partner Abhay Kumar and a small 16 seater Cafe’.

This is also when Rajat started his second venture in the same building but in a different shop and called it “Parcelkar”…

(For those of us who dont belong to Goa or are not familiar with the terminologies of the Goan Language Konkani….PARCELKAR…means one who gives parcels…in modern
terminology….”Take Aways”)

and the concept behind Parcelkar was very simple. No seating arrangements …only parcels or take aways.

Parcelkar is a non veg outlet just as ट 4 Tasty is a pure veg outlet.

That is the time when Rajat was doing just well enough to afford himself his first employee. Even today his outlets have only 4 employees.

His work culture is exactly opposed to that of the big brands, with things happening at exact times and an atmosphere where “The aim is to develop an environment where in I would love to work as an employee”.

Come January and Rajat started his 3rd venture which he calls “The Mastermind Catering Solutions”.This venture provides catering solutions along with some added services to caterers.

Rajat is able to provide the Best in class service staff which is way more efficient, knowledgeable and smarter than local staff.

Rajat’s aim is to start and run successfully with good profits.
The best restaurant in Goa, which even the poorest person will be able to afford and enjoy delicious food with dignity. 

The cherry on the icing is the bare line of Rajats business which he has borrowed from his fast food industry mentor Ray Crock..”Take care of your people and your people will take care of your business”.


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